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Networking: Supper Salon

Juli 28th, 2009 by Dorothea

Networking der besonders angenehmen Art gabs vor mittlerweile zwei Wochen (wow, wie schnell die Zeit vergeht) Monaten in Kreuzberg. Beim Supper Salon lädt Rebecca Leute aus der Kreativwirtschaft ein, die sich zum Essen versammeln und außerdem die Gelegenheit bekommen, ihre Projekte vorzustellen. Rebecca designt die unglaublichsten Tapeten, die ich je gesehen habe und ist eigentlich aus London. Daher ein kleiner Switch…

Rebecca, who is organizing this event, designs with her colleague in London the most adorable tapestry you can imagine. Diwa, who helped her with the evening distributes beautiful Malaysian bags and leather accessoires. Together they sold their stuff at Sukasuka Spiel, temporary taschen store during June. Now you can buy the special bags at Beuteltiere (more of Beuteltiere later on). At our evening which took place at … they had invited a bunch of very interesting people starting  with Anna Härlin, who designs bags,  illustrates and writes for Cut (recommanded!). I like her aennchen stuff very much. Other invited guests were  Susanne, a very interesting light and more designer from Berlin. Further on there were an outfitter which showed us some incredible objects and bunny masks (creepy!),  a wonderful artist who had developed her own method of working with paper and color – very expressive portraits, great pieces, as soon as I find her card, I’ll post the link.

But it all started with supper. That was art as well because we had Yukari and her companion who made a fantastic cheesecake. With tofu. Yes, and I’m not the world’s biggest tofu fan, not at all to be precise but I loved this cake:

Tofu Cheesecake and Brownies by ?Kitchen

Supper Salon

So, if you ever need a catering service – I don’t have their myspace account name but I have their email. The food is delicious, light and based on traditional Japanese cooking, so it’s very healthy.

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