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Wallpaper Inspirationen

Juni 6th, 2010 by Dorothea

Zum Stöbern und Inspirationen sammeln – sehr schön aufbereitete Inspirationsgalerie verschiedener Kreativen
Creative Stalking via Wallpaper’s virtual gallery

„We make no bones of the fact that we enjoy rummaging through the more personal spaces of the creative folk whose work we admire. Be it imagining what their desks might look like, touring their studios or photographing their homes – any glimpse of life behind the scenes is interesting fodder for understanding what inspires, entertains and ultimately drives their work.

Now we’ve gone one step further and built a space for said creatives to fill with the things they hold dear – be it their own work or the work of others, a tatty postcard or an iconic piece of art, the work of a student or the portrait of a hero. Part pinboard, part gallery our guest curators will take turns to hang in it what they want.“

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